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An intricately crafted and absolutely stunning design, the dream catcher is a classic and ancient symbol that is meant to protect the owner from bad dreams each and every night as they rest. A simple way to bring a little bit of peace to your life.

  • Available in six different colors to choose from to best fit the owner or décor of the bedroom it’s being placed in.
  • Elaborately created to offer an exclusive and unique addition to your home.
  • Beautifully designed and created in a classic fashion.
  • A simple way to keep bad dreams and thoughts away.
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Just as lovely to look at as they are great for your overall spirit and well-being; with one of these truly amazing dream catchers hanging above your bed there’s absolutely no way you can get anything but a great night’s rest while lying beneath it. Also great as a gift for anyone of any age.

Additional information

big cirlcle diameter

9 cm


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